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The American Dream once revolved around a white picket fence surrounding a beautiful house bought and paid for with the income from a successful white collar career.  Every morning the American dreamer would walk through the gate and out into the business world to put in a 9 hour day at the office and return to the sanctuary of his home.  While this dream may still hold true for some, many are now envisioning a new dream that revolves around a minimalistic lifestyle free from the chaos and clutter of too much “stuff” and the freedom to live a simple and carefree life.

For many, this simple way of life includes quitting their day job and working from home.  Minimalism focuses upon enjoying life to the fullest and doing away with all that is unnecessary.  When one rids himself of all the clutter and extra “junk” that really is not essential to a happy and fulfilled life, he soon realizes that he wants the time and freedom to enjoy his new life.  By maintaining a work at home job, the minimalist is able to enjoy life without the hassles of the workplace or the stress involved with working for someone else.   The minimalist often experiences better health both physically and mentally as a result of freeing himself from needless stress factors and simply having the freedom to enjoy life without being tied to the workplace or an overbearing boss.

Minimalists are now breaking out from behind the bars of the workplace and entering into the world of self-employment, becoming entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors with the freedom to set their own hours and work from anywhere they choose.  The technology of computers and the Internet has made this dream a reality for many minimalists tired of working the 8-5 shift for an unappreciative boss.  Any number of online work at home jobs are available for the entrepreneur.  From freelance writing, to web design or transcription work, there is something available for almost any skill.  Many minimalists even have their own online business websites from which they earn a substantial income.