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There are a lot more companies with remote teams today because of the pandemic. As companies figured out how to make it work, they started to realize that it could continue working into the future. However, it is important that remote teams feel supported and valued, and the company needs to support them to make sure this happens. Take a look at some of the ways that you can support your remote teams. 

Set up Daily Check-ins

One of the simplest ways to support remote teams is to make sure that you have a daily check-in set up. This helps them to feel connected to work. You can check-in with team members individually or have a Zoom conference each morning to start the day. It is better to make sure that everyone is face to face with video on so that they feel connected to the job. 

Make Sure Teams Have the Communication Tools They Need

Remote teams need to have access to email, messaging, and video conferencing to be productive. You should make sure that they have access to all three, and you should have a protocol for which one is appropriate for different types of communications. Make sure that people have their video on when using video conferencing. It helps keep people more engaged. You will also want to set times when people should be available, and let them know when they can reach you. The key is to be accessible and make sure that employees have the information and the communication tools they need for success. 

Schedule Remote Social Interactions

One of the things that people miss the most when working from home is the social interactions with their coworkers. They aren’t able to spontaneously go to Happy Hour or gather during a break. You can make it easier on them by using Zoom or other video conferencing software to host virtual water cooler gatherings or virtual Happy Hours. You can even do a movie night or a pizza night virtually. This will help your teams get to know each other and make them feel less isolated.