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Now more than ever, the need to work remotely has arisen. It has led to greater flexibility not only for employees, but for companies as well. In times of a global pandemic, it has given businesses the chance to remain relevant without having a workforce physically on site.

That said, there is the challenge for employees to remain productive while working from home. It can be all too easy to get distracted, but here are a couple of tips that can help keep you productive while working remotely.

Have a Designated Workspace

One of the biggest issues for those working remotely is that they don’t have a space to “go to work.” Hanging out on the couch might sound like a great time, but it is also a quick way toward spacing out and losing focus on work.

Try to work in a separate room if you can. If not, a kitchen counter or dining table is a great option. You need to have a space that says, “it’s time to work.”

Take Breaks

Just like at your physical workplace, sitting in one spot for too long can be draining and detrimental to your productivity. Try to take a break and go outside, even if it is only for a few minutes. Those short breaks are great for improving mental clarity and your overall levels of productivity.

Contrary to popular belief, working nonstop is actually not only not good for you, but it is less productive than you may think. Give your mind and body breaks and your productivity will benefit from it.

Keep Regular Hours

There is also a misconception that, since you are able to work remotely, that you should be able to work literally whenever. But keeping a regular schedule is not only important, it is essential to being productive and achieving a work-life balance.

Take calls and do work at your normal work hours. Even if you are super busy, don’t let it stretch out into your normal life.