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Maria Teresa Gonima

Real Estate Agent of Miami

Maria Teresa Gonima is a dedicated entrepreneur and real estate agent based in the Miami area of Florida.

Both a motivated and inspired agent, Maria Teresa Gonima has been dedicated to fully immersing herself in every aspect of the industry since starting her career. With over two years under her belt already, Gonima is committed to continuing to expand her skill set as both an entrepreneur and real estate agent for the benefit not only of herself but of her clients as well. Since moving to Miami, Maria Teresa Gonima has diligently sought out seasoned mentors who have shared a great deal of knowledge and guidance as she navigates these formative years in her career.

Originally from Bogota Columbia, Maria Teresa Gonima graduated from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a degree in Dentistry back in 2013. In 2018, upon leaving Columbia for Miami, Gonima went on to pursue her real estate license at the Gold Coast Schools of Doral. While attending Florida’s best school for providing classroom and online education in real estate, insurance, construction, CAM, and mortgage loans, Gonima began to craft her skill set and compose innovative solutions as a rookie agent in her area.

Upon receiving her license in January of 2019, Maria Teresa Gonima joined the Avanti Way Realty team. Since its inception in 2006, Avanti Way Realty has made it its mission to upgrade the entire real estate consumer experience through its innovative technology. An eager and tenacious individual, Maria Teresa Gonima has spent the past few years harnessing the Avanti Way tools and cultivating an impressive network in the Miami area.

Apart from her work as a real estate agent, Maria Teresa Gonima has spent the better part of two years working as a project manager for a Spain based parent company, Zumasec. Zumasec is a multifaceted company with branches across various industries including vacation rentals, restaurants, and supermarkets. Zumasec has most recently extended its reach overseas, including the Miami area, which has in turn opened many doors for Gonima. Through this venture, Gonima has been able to continue to expand her network within the Zumasec team as they brooch the American market. As a project manager across various sectors, Maria Teresa Gonima is fortunate to have a great deal of insight across many industries, which is both interesting and beneficial for her as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Outside of her career, Maria Teresa Gonima is most passionate about learning from various cultures. Fluent in English, Spanish, and partially Italian, Gonima spends her time outside of work traveling to new places. She is a devoted animal enthusiast who enjoys playing sports, taking walks on the beach, and skiing with friends.


Maria Teresa Gonima is committed to helping you find the home of your dreams! Understanding that purchasing a home can be very stressful, Maria Gonima goes out of her way to ensure her clients feel at ease every step of the way. Interested in owning a home in Miami or the surrounding areas? Want more information about the current real estate climate in South Florida? Be sure to stay up to date with Maria Teresa Gonima’s blog or connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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